Analysis of Development Direction of Vet Med

In recent years, the veterinary drug industry has undergone profound changes. In fact, no matter how the veterinary drug industry changes, shaping a competitive advantage will always be the way for practitioners to survive for a long time. However, under the current background of such a big development, if you want to survive, you must pay attention to the direction of product development.

1. The comprehensive popularization of national standards puts forward higher requirements for unilateral high-efficiency technology.
This type of product, especially in the field of pig drug premixes, is more prominent. Because in pig medicine, more attention is paid to antibacterial effect. Therefore, unilateral products such as florfenicol, amoxicillin, tilmicosin and other conventional products still have a large market.
Therefore, the efforts of veterinary drug manufacturers should focus on the quality of the raw materials used, first of all to pursue the superior quality of the raw materials; secondly, the preparation and process technology, and how to work hard on the comprehensive valence of excipients, product water solubility, and chemical drugs. For example, how to make the effect of unilateral florfenicol, really make an advantage in the most fundamental value of veterinary drugs-effect, is the general direction.
2. The practicability of veterinary drug products and the indexing of curative effects must be reliable guarantees.
Health products will be the main direction in the future. So making these products bigger and stronger is the top priority at present. Nowadays, the farmers are the owners of large-scale farms with rich professional knowledge and solid theoretical foundation. Therefore, the products we recommend to them must come up with data and use vivid cases or demonstrations to truly impress them.
For example, the current popular enzyme preparations, micro-ecological agents, polysaccharide oligosaccharides, antimicrobial peptide preparations, etc., sound so tall, but you have to come up with professional, detailed, reproducible, verifiable, and scrutinized clinical trial data. Through strong field data, they can clarify what benefits the product can bring, what kind of income it brings, and what their profit and loss data are when they are not used, and so on.
We once met a pig farm owner who thought this way: How much medicine does a pig cost with a certain product? How much can be saved after using the feed, how much can the pig grow, and whether it can be released early? What he cares about is how much benefit this product can bring to his pig farm. It can be seen that the benefits that can be brought to customers by the use of products are the most important inspection items besides food safety.
3. Pharmaceutical companies need to really develop new veterinary drugs
The research and development of new veterinary drugs is the key to the continuous development of the veterinary drug industry; it is also the only way for veterinary drug companies to develop new brands. Only by continuously applying for and developing new therapeutic veterinary drug products with higher value, more updated, less side effects, and more accurate curative effect, can veterinary drug manufacturers emerge from the industry’s well-known brands in the increasingly fierce competition.
4. The comparative advantage decides to be a strong Chinese medicine antiviral product
In view of the fact that the country will not currently approve western medicine antiviral products, the antiviral products on the market, especially those used for poultry, are nothing more than the application numbers of antibiotics or feed additives, or the application numbers of Chinese medicine powders. With the country’s strong supervision and criminal law standard punishment, if the majority of small and medium-sized business owners are willing to try class life, these products are not qualified after all, and it will be a matter of time before they commit a crime!
Then, we need to find another way out. However, whether it is currently mature Chinese medicine extracts or Chinese medicine oral liquids, including the popular fermented Chinese medicines, there is a lot of room for research and development. Moreover, from the point of view of breeding medicines and health care, more functions of traditional Chinese medicine should be positioned to avoid. This is because a good measure of disease prevention and resistance for livestock and poultry is to improve immunity; when immunity is good, there will be fewer respiratory diseases and intestinal bacterial diseases.
In this way, the total demand for chemical medicine for livestock and poultry breeding will continue to continue the gradual decline in the development trend.
Therefore, under the current situation, distributors should also recognize the trend of product positioning and choose manufacturers and drugs based on the trend. Only by following the right trend and choosing the right veterinary drug manufacturer (now called a partner) will we go more steadily and longer.