How to Treat Coughing and Breathing Difficulties in Pigs

Respiratory diseases in pigs are common in breeding, and if not treated in a timely manner, it can delay the condition and increase the difficulty of treatment. Among them, coughing and breathing difficulties in pigs are common symptoms, and long-term severe coughing can cause respiratory bleeding. Actively preventing and treating coughing and breathing difficulties in pigs is particularly important for pig farming.

Causes of Coughing and Breathing Difficulties in Pigs
Coughing: A cough with nasal fluid or a single cough accompanied by elevated body temperature may be caused by influenza, acute bronchitis, pseudorabies, pig lung disease, pig toxoplasma gondii disease and other diseases. Sudden changes in the breeding environment, excessive density, poor ventilation in pig houses, sudden changes in temperature, and long-distance transportation can all cause them.
Breathing difficulties:
Pulmonary dyspnea, which is a type of dyspnea caused by dyspnea, is often associated with lung diseases. When the body temperature rises, there may be obvious respiratory symptoms.
Bloodborne dyspnea, which is caused by severe anemia due to reduced red blood cells and insufficient blood oxygen, worsens after activity.

Clinical Symptoms
Cough, wheezing, fever, difficulty breathing, joint swelling, claudication, skin and mucous membrane cyanosis, difficulty standing or even paralysis, stiff pigs, or death. Sows can have miscarriage due to illness, while boars have claudication. The lameness of lactating sows may lead to the weakening of maternity. At the time of death, the body surface was purple, the stomach was large, there was a large amount of yellow ascites, and there was a large amount of cellulose exudation on the mesentery, especially the liver was completely enveloped, and the interstitial edema of the lung.

Treatment Plan
The best treatment plan for pig cough is to ventilate the pig house, improve the air quality in the pig house, and feed some cough medicines to the pig herd to promote the recovery of sick pigs by improving the resistance of the pig herd. And once pigs are found to have poor breathing, they should be diagnosed and isolated as early as possible to eliminate the source of infection in time and cut off the pathogen transmission. At the same time, it can also be treated with some drugs, such as doxycycline hyclate, tylosin tartrate, florfenicol, lincomycin, tilmicosin, enrofloxacin, etc. In severe cases, choosing two drugs in combination can achieve better results.
Attention should be paid during treatment:
In the course of treatment can selectively cooperate with feeding drugs for prevention according to the actual situation, and at the same time, should strengthen disinfection. The disinfectant should be compound quaternary ammonium cation salts with high efficiency and low toxicity and chlorine containing preparations used alternately. In addition, it is necessary to adhere to self-breeding and self-rearing, strictly quarantine and cut off the pathogen transmission when introducing, strengthen feeding management, improve the breeding environment, reduce stress reaction, and avoid the outbreak of pig asthma.

How to Take Preventive Measures
Improve the environment of the pigsty:
Do a good job in cleaning and hygiene, and maintain air circulation and a dry environment inside the pigsty.
Do a good job in daily disinfection work, regularly replace disinfectants, and prevent the occurrence of drug resistance from infectious sources.
Do a good job in vaccination and immunization work, develop a reasonable immunization program for preventive vaccination, regularly take medication precautions, and regularly feed and use.
Drug prevention measures: After discovering infected pigs with respiratory syndrome, while treating the infected pigs, other live pigs need to undergo timely drug prevention to avoid the spread of the disease.


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