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Ampicillin Injection

Content: 100ml:5g1

Packing: 5ml,10ml,50ml,100ml

Application: For treatment of gastrointestinal respiratory tract infections, skin, soft tissue post-surgical infections caused by bacteria sensitive to ampicillin (Staphylococcus spp., Klebsiella spp., E. coli).

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Each ml contains:
Ampicillin as Ampicillin Trihydrate…….150mg

This product is indicated for treatment of gastrointestinal infections, skin, soft tissue and post-surgical infections, respiratory tract infections or secondary infections due to the following bacteria sensitive to ampicillin in cattle, sheep and pigs and where prolongation of activity from a single injection is required: Enterococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, hemolytic streptococci, Aerobacter spp., Klebsiella spp., etc.

Administration and Dosage
For intramuscular injection:
Cattle, sheep: 1 ml/10kg body weight; Pigs: 2.5 ml/15kg body weight.
Maximum dose volume at any one injection site: Pigs and sheep: 10 ml; Cattle: 20 ml.

Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to ampicillin.
Do not use this product in horses due to the likelihood of severe local reaction at the injection site.

Adverse Reaction
Severe disturbances of the intestinal bacterial flora of herbivores may occur.
Allergies to ampicillin can occur rarely. Local swelling at the injection site may occur.

Withdrawal Time
Meat and offal: Cattle, sheep and pigs 60 days.
Milk: Not authorised for use in animals producing milk for human consumption.

Storage and Expired Time
Tightly sealed, store below 25℃, do not freeze.
Keep the container in the outer carton.
2 years