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Procaine Penicillin G Dihydrostreptomycin Sulphate Injection

Content: 100ml: 20MIU+25MIU

Packing: 100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml

Application: Indicated for use in cattle, horse, swine sheep in the treatment of infections caused by susceptible organisms including: respiratory tract infections including pneumonia, atrophic rhinitis Salmonellosis,etc.

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Each ml contains
Procaine Penicillin G………200,000 IU
Dihydrostreptomycin Sulphate…250,000 IU
Penstrep injection is indicated for use in cattle, horse, swine and sheep in the treatment of infections caused by susceptible organisms including: erysipelas; navel/join ill; respiratory tract infections including pneumonia and atrophic rhinitis; listeriosis; meningitis; septicaemia; toxaemia associated with Salmonella spp., Salmonellosis.
Administration and Dosage
For intramuscular injection. Shake well before use.
Cattle: 0.05 ml/kg body weight for 3~4 days.
Calves, goats, sheep and swine: 0.1ml/10kg body weight for 3 days.
Cattle< 20ml. Swine<10ml. Calves, sheep and goats<5ml per injection site.
Hypersensivity to Procaine Penicillin and/ or aminoglycosides.
Administration to animals with a serious impaired renal function.
Concurrent administration with tetracylines, chloramphenicol, macrolides and lincosamides.
Side Effect
Administration of therapeutic dosages of procaine penicillin G can result in abortion in sows. Ototoxity,neurotoxicity or nephrotoxicity.Hypersensitivity reactions.
Hypersensitivity to penicillins,procaine and/or aminoglycosides.
Penicllin G Procaine and Dihydrostreptomycin Sulphate Injection 20%+ 20%Administration to animals with a seriously impaired renal function.Concurrent administration of tetracyclines,chloramphenicol, macrolides and lincosamides.
Penstrep is contraindicated in known cases of hypersensitivity to penicillins.
Withdrawal Time
For milk 60 hours
For meat 31 days
Storage and Expired Time
Store in a dry place below 30℃ and Protect from direct sunlight.
2 years