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Procaine Hydrochloride Injection

Content: 100ml:50g

Packing: 5ml,10ml,50ml,100ml

Application: Horse, cattle, sheep swine: -Local anaesthesia with a long-lasting anaesthetic effect. -Infiltration anaesthesia perineural anaesthesia.

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Each ml contains:

Procaine Hydrochloride…………. 50mg


Horse, cattle, sheep and swine:

-Local anaesthesia with a long-lasting anaesthetic effect.

-Infiltration anaesthesia and perineural anaesthesia.

Administration and Dosage

For subcutaneous and perineural use:

Local anaesthesia or by infiltration: 2-8 ml of the product/animal.

Perineural anaesthesia: 4-8 ml of the product/animal.

For lower limb blocks in horses, the dose should be divided between two or more injection sites depending on the dose.


Do not use in animals in state of shock. Do not use in animals with cardiovascular problems.

Do not use in animals treated with sulphonamides or phenothiazine.

Do not use with cyclopropane- or halothane-based volatile anaesthetics.

Do not use to anaesthetise regions with terminal circulation (ears, tail, penis, etc.).

Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Do not administer by the intravenous or the intra-articular route.

Adverse Reaction

Procaine may cause hypotension in very rare cases.

Particularly in horses, phenomena of excitability to the CNS may be observed (agitation, tremors, convulsions) following the administration of procaine, in very rare occasions.


Perform local anaesthesia at ambient temperature. At higher temperatures, the risk of toxic reactions is higher owing to the greater absorption of procaine. As with other local anaesthetics containing procaine, the product should be used with caution in animals with epilepsy or with changes in respiratory or renal function.

Withdrawal Time

Zero days

Storage and Expired Time

Tightly sealed, store in a cool and dark place.

2 years