Warm Congratulations to Bullvet for Passing the Re-acceptance of the New National Veterinary Drugs GMP

On April 24-25, 2022, five veterinary drug preparation production lines affiliated to Chongqing Bull Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the re-acceptance of the new national "Veterinary Drugs GMP".


Group photo of the expert group and the principals of the company.

The acceptance was led by the director of the Veterinary Department of the Chongqing Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee, and a team of 4 experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the new version of Veterinary Drugs GMP in accordance with the "Quality Management Practice for Veterinary Drugs (Revised in 2020)" and the "Quality Management Practice for Veterinary Drugs Inspection and Acceptance Evaluation Standards. (Chemical and Traditional Chinese Medicines, revised in 2020)" to conduct a comprehensive inspection and acceptance of our veterinary drug preparation production line, and Rongchang District's agriculture and rural areas appointed observers to participate in the whole process of acceptance. Our general manager Dr. Wu Junwei, deputy general managers Mr. Deng Kaifeng, Mr. Jiang Bo and other leaders accompanied the acceptance throughout the process.

At the first acceptance meeting, the expert group first listened to the detailed report on the operation and implementation of our company's new version of "Veterinary Drugs GMP" by Mr. Jiang Bo, the deputy general manager, and then reviewed the company's production management, equipment management, material management, quality management, process according to the acceptance plan. On-site inspections have been carried out on various links such as process, staffing, and hygiene management, and dynamic acceptance and sampling of injection and tablet production lines have been carried out. At the same time, GMP management documents, records and various archives have been carefully reviewed. Assessed the employees of our company of veterinary drug GMP knowledge, and comprehensively inspected and accepted our company in strict accordance with the acceptance standards of the new version of "Veterinary Drugs GMP".


The expert group conducts on-site inspection of the finished product warehouse.


The expert group conducts on-site inspection of the laboratory.

After a 2-day detailed inspection, the expert group agreed that our production environment, hardware and software facilities and all production links meet the requirements of the new version of "Veterinary Drugs GMP", and recommended our five production lines as qualified production lines of the new version of "Veterinary Drugs GMP". At the same time, the group encouraged our company to continue to strengthen personnel training, strictly control quality, and effectively improve product quality.


General Manager Dr. Wu Junwei confirmed the acceptance report and signed it.

The general manager Dr. Wu Junwei finally spoke on behalf of all the staff of the company.  Firstly, he thanked all the experts for their serious, responsible, tireless professionalism and uncomplaining dedication. The strict, comprehensive and meticulous assessment of the implementation of the company's new version of "veterinary drug GMP", let us experienced a new version of "veterinary drug GMP" from theory to practice of learning and improvement. He believes that this is not only an acceptance test, but also an actual combat assessment, which comprehensively examines the results of the new version of "veterinary drug GMP" in our company's operation. We will continue to implement the requirements of the new version of "veterinary drug GMP", increase investment in scientific research, and continue to improve Improve, strictly control the quality of products, go all out to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, and realize the lofty dream of "where there are animals, there is Bullvet" as soon as possible.