Bullvet embarks on a new journey, the future can be expected!

The design drawings of the new production base of Bullvet have been approved and will be put into production at the end of next year

In order to meet the new GMP requirements issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the instructions for intelligent production in the pharmaceutical industry, Bullvet has obtained 2.6 Hectares of industrial land in Rongchang High-tech Zone. After two months’ business negotiations, contract signing, and building scheme, now graphic design, architectural design and process design of the project have all been completed, and the main building architectural renderings has been approved.


The total construction of the new production base is 23,000 square meters, and scientific research building, quality inspection center, commerce center, preparation building, feed, premix, disinfectant and other major production facilities are included. This new base will have large-volume injections workshop, small-volume injections workshop, liquid preparations for oral administration, liquid preparations for external use , and semi-solid preparations, powders, granules, tablets and bolus , premixes, etc., In total more than 10 production lines with 10 dosage forms. The total project investment is around 10 million USD. It is expected to be completed and put into trial production by the end of 2021.  The investment in the new base will increase the production capacity by more than two times, and the output value will exceed 20 million USD.