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The research and development degree of new structure and original veterinary chemical drugs is an important reflection of a country’s comprehensive level of animal medicine science and technology, and it is the key point to encourage the development of new veterinary drugs in China. It is also the relationship between a veterinary drug enterprise and whether it can become bigger and stronger. Veterinary drug enterprises with strong economic strength must undertake this important task.

In the aspect of pharmacology, it is a common method to adopt different preparation processes to form targeted preparations with higher bioavailability in order to improve the pharmaceutical properties of antibiotics and make them form different preparations. Rather similar, the existing traditional veterinary medicine preparation process is too simple, the lack of scientific nature, also is the key to producing veterinary medicine preparations with serious product homogeneity. Low-level “mixed prescriptions”, “illegal additions” and “low utilization rates” are all manifestations of research on the technical aspects of veterinary drug preparations.
The new version of Administrative measures on approval number of veterinary drug products increases “product data such as production technology, formulation”, shows the advancement of veterinary drug production technology, formulation technology, especially the creativity and characteristics of preparation level of pharmaceuticals, and higher requirements are put forward for the preparation technology of veterinary medicine enterprises, and must start from the preparation craft, promote the veterinary medicine preparation level. This requires the traditional veterinary medicine enterprises must update and upgrade the old preparation production equipment, introduce advanced preparation equipment and technology, to achieve a qualitative leap in the veterinary drug preparation technology under the new situation.
Bullvet thoroughly implemented the supply-side structural reforms and announced the 2020 R&D projects as followed:
1.Research and development of multidimensional nano-emulsion for livestock and poultry.
2.Research and development of highly effective multiphase controlled release antiparasitic preparations for livestock and poultry.
3.Research and development of long-acting ivermectin preparation.
4.Research and development of doramectin nano-emulsion.
5.Development and industrialization of Diminazene Aceturate injection.
6.A preliminary study on the molecular mechanism of tetrandrine reversal of acrab-tolc efflux resistance by bacterial efflux pump.
7.Synergistic antibacterial effect of antimicrobial polypeptides and traditional antibiotics and its mechanism.
8.Structural modification, screening and mechanism of antibacterial biofilm resistant polypeptides.
9.Equivalence test and safety evaluation of different formulations of closantel injection.
10.Prescription improvement and bioequivalence test of doxycycline hydrochloride injection.
11.Research and development of microecological agents for dogs and cats.
12.Research and development of compound felrocoxid suspension for dogs and cats.
13.Research and development of dental plaque remover for dogs and cats.
14.Research and development of fat-reducing drug preparation for dogs and cats.
15.Research and development of polysaccharide of selenized Atractylodes macrocephala.
16.Research and development of new praziquantel dispersible tablets.
17.The effect of tetrandrine on escherichia coli susceptibility to FQs antibiotics and its mechanism.
18.Effect and mechanism of Cathelicidin on the formation of pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm.
19.Study on the effect and mechanism of the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine on pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm in vivo and in vitro.