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Bullvet, a maker of high quality Veterinary Drug, offers its medical products for animals with 100% quality control and assurance.

Chongqing City, China (February 27, 2017) - Quality control is a big factor to consider while offering Veterinary Drug and associated medical products. Based in China, Bullvet is a top brand that takes its quality control system very seriously. The company offers oral liquids, oral solids and over 100 different types of small and large volume injections with 100% quality control and assurance. 

The company ensures that its quality assurance comes from an individual as well as collective level, from its Veterinary Pharmaceutical Factory and GMP Factory. The quality system of Bullvet is categorized into 4 different areas that are micromanaged on a constant basis – Quality Control, Inspections, Production and Distribution. Every specific domain consists of one of a kind procedure that ensures the consistency of products. 

From Ivermectin & Clorsulon Injection to Oxytetracycline Injetion and Ivermictin AD3E Injection, the brand ensures that each of its products undergoes strict quality control. The quality management of the brand includes establishing productivity and quality, and getting a competitive position in the market. The brand constantly tries to improve its processes in order to satisfy the objectives of customers and ensure that the quality standards of its medical products are always kept up. 

The management makes all decisions based on information and data analysis. It improves constantly in order to meet customer requirements. It follows established processes to ensure accountability and uniformity at all levels. 

About Bullvet:

Bullvet or Chonqing Bull Animal Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is an international manufacturer and exporter of animal health pharmaceutical products on a big scale, which includes products like large and small volume injection and oral liquid. 

For more details and further enquiries, please visit https://www.bullvet.com/  



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