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Bullvet veterinary drugs have gained reputation in over 20 countries around the world for its effectiveness and superior quality. As it seeks to expand its global venture, more and more agents from all 5 continents are showing escalated enthusiasm. 

Chongqing City, China (February 27, 2017) – Chongqing Bull Animal Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Bullvet) has successfully created a very comfortable place in the global market for its high quality veterinary products which includes over a hundred different varieties of injections and oral suspensions in a range of different volumes. Applicable to livestock, pets and any other furry / pawed / clawed friends, Bullvet Veterinary drugs is now on its way to seek the approval of nations beyond its present client locations. 

As has been expressed by the star studded research and development team of this company, stretching their scope beyond the existing 20 client nations will not be a very difficult process at all. At this very moment, there are hundreds of veterinary pharmaceutical agents that are queuing up to carry the brand through the length and breadth of the world for all the right reasons. Being a GMP Factory, Bullvet has always been very meticulous about maintaining global standards and WHO specifications in manufacturing to the last word. 

Meticulous and impeccable products packaging and handling guidelines has done its bit to make Bullvet products unprecedented among its existing competitors. Besides maintaining impeccable quality in all its products and manufacturing processes, Bullvet has also been very meticulous about its certifications and licenses that have further extended its authenticity, trust and believability among client companies. 

As has been mentioned specifically by a large number of veterinary agents that are dealing with Bullvet products, no other brand has been this rewarding to put across to purchasing entities mainly because no other brand appears to beat the quality assurance and performance records of Bullvet. 

About Bullvet:

Bullvet is a China based manufacturer of high quality veterinary drugs and injections. The products are available in over 20 different nations across the world with more joining the list by the passing seasons. 

Please visit www.bullvet.com to know more about Bullvet products and veterinary agent requirements. 



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Post time: Feb-28-2017