// Intelligent Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Base

In 2017, national high-tech enterprise–Bullvet is developing rapidly in both domestic and foreign markets. For sales revenue, a 100% increase from a year earlier. Right now, Bullvet is spending 10 million RMB to build a new intelligent veterinary drug manufacturing base so as to accommodate growing customers’ demand and lead Chinese veterinary industrial upgrading to achieve “China’s Industry 2025”. When design this place, the idea is to adapt with high-standard, high-starting point, high-input and full-automatic, to choose intelligent and automatic advanced production equipment and inspection equipment, to connect and monitor all the equipment full-time by internet. For example, temperature and humidity and pressure difference of each control area will be recorded automatically and printed  for record. All these area’s data will be kept at a high quality level. Once data is not qualified in these control area, the network system will sound the alarm automatically. All these record will be printed if it is needed during the inspection.

The manufacturing process will be managed by ERP, and material record will be generated automatically to guarantee that there is no mistake. Materials needed for production will be transferred by machine to replace human operation, which will achieve no pollution and no manual operation mistake.

The analyzing process will be managed and monitored by Quality Management System Software.

Meanwhile, Bullvet is also building veterinary drug research and development laboratory. A full set of advanced laboratory equipment and testing equipment will be introduced to provide powerful hardware support for developing new products.

This project will be put into production in August 2017. The site will apply domestic GMP inspection in October. Hopefully before December 2017, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tanzania and Uganda FDA will come and complete GMP inspection, which will lay a solid foundation for promoting Bullvet as a globalization brand.

Warmly welcome to join Bullvet to create a better future.




Post time: Aug-17-2017