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Bullvet has laid out very strict and stringent quality maintenance practices that includes not just the ingredients used but the equipment standards as well. Bullvet follows WHO guidelines meticulously at all times.

Chongqing City, China (February 27, 2017) – Maintaining high quality standards in products and manufacturing is the first and most critical requirements that any manufacturing company has to meet without fail. Bullvet is one such rising leader in the world of veterinary drugs and associated products has recently been in news for setting benchmarks in this respect. Located in Chongqing City China, this company presently ships its products to 20 different nations around the world with more being added to the list year after year. 

As has been expressed by the movers, shakers and think tank of this veterinary pharmaceutical factory, strict adherence to global veterinary product manufacturing specifications as well as WHO guidelines has been the key for this company to make its way successfully to the global market and building an indelible reputation among purchasers of their products. Bullvet believes that ‘quality maintenance’ always starts with using the best and safest ingredients for the products followed by employing impeccably skillful and qualified professionals and using advanced technologies in equipments and machineries that are carry the production process forward. 

Bullvet has been widely recognized for its efforts dedicated towards frequent product testing to locate and solve just about any issue or defect that may arise in packaging or otherwise. Certain products like Ivermectin Injections and Oxytetracycline LA Injection etc. though have been practically flawless in manufacturing, testing and performance from the first day on. Besides offering assurance of the highest quality standards, Bullvet has also managed to establish an affordable pricing harmony which has been welcomes among all client nations together. 

About Bullvet:

Bullvet is one of the leading manufacturers of veterinary products that are currently in use in over 20 different countries around the world. Bullvet is presently seeking to enhance its scope to include tens of other nations into its client list by the end of this decade. 

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