// Bullvet is expanding to Syria Market now —-Syria MOA inspection completes successfully

After successful registration in Middle East countries, like Egypt, Jordan and Libya, Bullvet has gained another success market in Syria.

After a long and exhausted travel from Syria to China, Syria MOA experts arrive at Rongchang at 1st and 2nd July, 2017 and start the two-day strict inspection of Bullvet. First starting with raw material inspection, from warehouse, water system, HVAC system, bottle washing, bottles dry and sterilization, preparation, filling and capping, finished products sterilization, light inspection to the final step packing process, they took very seriously in each step. Then they begin to inspect operating procedure, instrument use record, operator training, operating skills, test result, test report in QA and QC area. During the whole inspection process of GMP documents management, batch production, batch record, all the three experts tell us many times “very good” to give us positive response on our high-efficient, precise, real-time and authentic drug production quality management level, and they wish that Bullvet can expand to Syria market to provide high-quality and high-efficient veterinary medicinal product for their agricultural industry so as to improve the livelihood of the people in Syria.

When the inspection completes successfully, on behalf of Bullvet, general manager Dr.Wu Junwei expresses his respectful to Syria experts’ highly responsible attitude.

He also shows that Bullvet will always insist on the enterprise spirit of “Honest achieve win-win, Dedication cast perfect”. Bullvet won’t fail the expectations of Syrian people and always cherish the friendliness between China and Syria. Plus, Bullvet will provide Syria people with the high-quality veterinary product to contribute for Syria’s animal husbandry. 

Post time: Jul-03-2017