// 8 points of common sense for chicken breeding, there are reasons for treatment failure!

Overview: Now many chicken farmers have learned to treat some simple chicken diseases over time, and have achieved good results, but sometimes there are failures or unsatisfactory treatment. In order to help you better master the chicken disease treatment technology, this article introduces the knowledge, use methods and precautions of some common chicken disease medicines for your reference.


8 points of common sense for chicken breeding.
1. Enteritis medicine is best used in the morning.
2. Escherichia coli medicine should be used in the morning, when the flora is inactive and the effect is best.
3. The effect of respiratory medicine is best in the afternoon.
4. Western medicine can be used 24 hours after finishing the seedlings, and Chinese medicine can be used after 12 hours.
5. Don’t use kidney medicine together with antibacterial medicine.
6. Kidney medicine is used at night to pass kidney to expel uric acid.
7. The spleen necrosis medicine is used at 5 pm, with the best effect.
8. Feeding medicine with aluminum-iron containers will affect the efficacy of the medicine because it contains electrolytic ions.

There are reasons for failure to treat chicken disease!
1. Single medication and repeated medication. Drugs with the same ingredients, the same properties or the same function are used repeatedly, and no attention is paid to the combination or compatibility of the drugs. Only one drug is used, which makes it difficult to cure complications.
2. Make your own claims and stop the medicine at will. Withdrawal as soon as the condition improves, resulting in incomplete treatment and recurrence or double infection, it is more difficult to cure.
3. Change dressing halfway. When the medicine reaches a certain amount, the effective ingredient will show its effect when it reaches a certain concentration in the blood or the body, and it will take a certain time. It is difficult to control the disease due to anxiety and changing the medicine halfway.
4. Blind increase or random compatibility (leading to poisoning, reducing efficacy) is a fluke. Lightness first, then effortlessness, medication errors.

How to mix chicken medicine for sick chickens?
1. Accurately control the dosage of mixing materials. When administering the mixture, the dosage of the drug used should be accurately and carefully calculated according to the concentration of the mixture. If it is administered according to the weight of the birds, the total weight should be calculated strictly according to the weight of the birds, and then the medicine should be mixed into the feed according to the requirements. The dosage of the drug should be accurately weighed, and it must not be estimated to avoid causing the drug to be too small to play a role, or too large to cause adverse reactions such as poisoning.
2. The medicine and feed must be mixed evenly. In order for all birds to eat approximately equal medicines, the medicines and feed must be mixed evenly. First mix the drug with a small amount of feed, then add it to the bulk of the feed and continue to mix evenly. The smaller the amount of medicine added to the feed, the more attention should be paid to mixing with a small amount of feed. It is difficult to mix the medicine directly into the bulk feed. For drugs that are likely to cause drug poisoning or have large side effects, such as sulfa drugs, they should be mixed evenly. Never add all the drugs to the required feed and mix them at once, causing some birds to be poisoned and some birds not to take the drugs, which can not achieve the purpose of prevention and control.
3. Pay close attention to any adverse reactions after medication. After some drugs are mixed into the feed, they can antagonize with certain ingredients in the feed. At this time, pay close attention to adverse reactions. If the sulfonamides are mixed in the feed for a long time, it is easy to cause the deficiency of vitamin B1 and vitamin K, and these vitamins should be appropriately supplemented at this time.

Post time: Jun-23-2020