// Made in China

The advantages of Made in China: low labor cost, comprehensive advantages, and active promotion of technological innovation and business model innovation to achieve both quality improvement and cost advantage. From labor-intensive to low-end processing to high-end output.

And today's "Made in China" is no longer a low-value-added, rough-processed low-cost product in the past, but a cost-effective product with independent property rights and fine manufacturing. The capital-intensive industry and technology-intensive industries are becoming China's manufacturing participation The main link in global competition.

Specific advantages of China's manufacturing industry:

Advantage one, low labor cost

Our country is a country with a large population. Therefore, since the manufacturing industry began to develop, our labor costs have been low. In labor-intensive industries, our advantage is huge and our competitiveness is strong. With the continuous development of society, the quality of China's labor force is gradually improving. Although labor cost is not a big advantage now compared to before, compared with developed countries, our labor advantage still exists.

Advantage two, large potential consumer market

As the saying goes, where there are people, there is a market. The consumer market in our country is actually very large, especially those potential. Therefore, our market can accommodate the birth of many new products, and can also promote the rapid formation of economies of scale in these new products. It can be said that such a large domestic market in China can create the most basic conditions for product development and development.

Advantage three, perfect foundation

Since the reform and opening up for more than 20 years, the development of China's manufacturing industry has already achieved remarkable results. As the main body and pillar industry of the national economy, the manufacturing industry has also laid a solid foundation for the future development of China's national economy. After joining the WTO, the development of China's manufacturing industry has undergone tremendous changes under the influence of the international and domestic environment.

Advantage four, relatively concentrated production

Most of China's manufacturing industries are distributed in regions with abundant related resources. Moreover, our country attaches great importance to the development of manufacturing-related industries. Therefore, the production resource base of many large manufacturing industries is relatively good. The market-oriented role under economic regulation is also very beneficial to the development of manufacturing industries.