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Albendazole Tablets For Pet

Content: 0.6g: 100mg

Packing: 0.5g,1g, 1.5g,3.0g,6.0g,15g

Application: Antihelminthic. Ued for nematodiasis, taeniasis trematodiasis in dogs.

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Each tablet contains:
Applicable to nematodosis, teniasis and trematodiasis of dogs and cats. Used for drive roundworms, hookworms, pinworms, tapeworms, whipworms, liver flukes, nematodes, etc.
Administration and Dosage
For oral administration (direct feeding or mixed feeding after grinding). One dose, 25 ~ 50 mg for every 1kg body weight of dogs. (each tablet is used for 2 ~ 4 kg body weight) take it once every 5 ~ 7 days, and use it twice in a course of treatment. Or follow your doctor's advice.

Body   Weight

1-2   kg

2.5   -4 kg

5-8   kg

8.5-12   kg

12kg(Add 1tablet per 3kg)


1/2   tablet

1 tablet

2 tablets

3 tablets

More   than 3 tablets…

1.Do not use albendazole during pregnancy and lactation, and do not use within the first 45 days before pregnancy in cattle and sheep.
2.Do not overdose.
3.Sleepiness, anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea occur occasionally in cats and dogs after oral administration. They are normal drug reactions and can subside by themselves. They can be relieved by combined with probiotics.
4.Long-term continuous use can cause drug resistance and crossed drug resistance.
Withdrawal Time
Cattle: 14 days.
Sheep: 4 days.
Storage and Expired Time
Tightly sealed and protect from light.
2 years
6 Tablets*2 Blisters/Box