Popular Design for Vitamin E & Sodium Selenite Oral Solution for Kenya Manufacturers

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  • Price & Quotation: FOB Shanghai: Discuss in Person
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Yiwu
  • MOQ(5ml,10ml): 30000 Bottles
  • MOQ(50ml,100ml): 5000 Bottles
  • MOQ(250ml,500ml): 2000 Bottles
  • MOQ: Powder/Bolus: 500 KG
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    Popular Design for Vitamin E & Sodium Selenite Oral Solution for Kenya Manufacturers Detail:

    Each ml contains:  
    Vitamin E 100 mg  
    Sodium Selenite 0.5 mg 

    Vitamin E is a fat-soluble intracellular antioxidant, involved in stabilising unsaturated fatty acids. The main antioxidant property is preventing 
    formation of toxic free radicals and oxidation of the unsaturated fatty acids in the body. These free radicals can be formed in periods of disease or 
    stress in the body. Selenium is an essential nutrient for animals. Selenium is a component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which plays an 
    important role in protection of cells by destroying oxidising agents like free radicals and oxidated unsaturated fatty acids.
    Vitamin E deficiencies (like encephalomalacia, muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis, infertility problems) in calves, cattle, goats, sheep and 
    swine. Prevention of iron-intoxication after administration of iron to piglets.
    Side effects:
    No undesirable effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is followed.
    For oral administration:
    Calves, goats and sheep:2 ml. per 10 kg. body weight, repeat after 2 – 3 weeks.
    Swine :1 ml. per 10 kg. body weight, repeat after 2 – 3 weeks.
    Withdrawal times:
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Vial of 500ml, 1000 ml.

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    Popular Design for
 Vitamin E & Sodium Selenite Oral Solution for Kenya Manufacturers detail pictures

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