Manufacturer of Albendazole Suspension Oral 10%*100ml,500ml,1L Sudan Factory

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  • Price & Quotation: FOB Shanghai: Discuss in Person
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Yiwu
  • MOQ(5ml,10ml): 30000 Bottles
  • MOQ(50ml,100ml): 5000 Bottles
  • MOQ(250ml,500ml): 2000 Bottles
  • MOQ: Powder/Bolus: 500 KG
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    Manufacturer of Albendazole Suspension Oral 10%*100ml,500ml,1L Sudan Factory Detail:


    Each ml of suspension contains 100 mg of Albendazole, solvent 1 ml.



    It is a broad spectrum anthelmintic which is extremely active against most nematode and some cestodes worms including tape worms & adult liver fluke.

    Molecular Formula: C12H15N3O2S 

    Molecular Weight: 265.3 

    CAS No.: 54965-21-8




    ALBENDApit 10% with it’s low solubility, limited amount of the given dose of ALBENDApit 10% is absorbed from the stomach and intestine. However, once the drug is absorbed peak plasma level can occur in 2-4 hours. The plasma level is seldom greater than 1% of the dose administered because of it’s relatively low solubility.




    Albendazole is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract due to its low aqueous solubility. Albendazole concentrations are negligible or undetectable in plasma as it is rapidly converted to the sulfoxide metabolite prior to reaching the systemic circulation. The systemic anthelmintic activity has been attributed to the primary metabolite, albendazole sulfoxide. Maximal plasma concentrations of albendazole sulfxiode are typically achived 2 to 5 hours after dosing. Albendazole sulfoxide is 70% bound to plasma protines and is widely distributed throughout the body. Albendazole is rapidly converted in the liver to the primary metabolite, albendazole sulfoxide , which is further metabolized to albendazole sulfoxide is through urine to a lesser extent and maximum through bile.



    A broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment and control of all stages of gastro intestinal nematodes, roundworms, lungworms.



    Infestation with helminths susceptible to albendazole in sheep, goats and cattle.


    ALBENDApit 10% is a broad spectrum anthelmintic effective in the removal and control of the following internal parasites: Adult Liver Flukes, Heads and Segments of Tapeworms (Moniezia); Adult and 4th Stage Larvae of intestinal Worm (Cooperia spp.), Hook Worm (Bunostomum spp.), Bankrupt Worm (Trichostrongylus spp.), Nodular Worm (Oesophagostomum) Adult and 4th Stage inhibited Larvae of Ostertagia, Barberpole Worm (Trichostongylus); Adult and 4th Stage Larvae of Lung Worms (Dictyocaulus).


    Gastro intestinal worms, lung worms, tape worms.

    Sheep & Goats: 1.5 ml per 30 kg body weight.

    Cattle:7.5 ml per 100 kg body weight.


    1-Do not overdose.

    2-Do not treat animals during first month of pregnancy.


    Albendazole is tolerated without significant adverse effects when administered at recommended dose.

    Salivation, diarrhea, and rarely foaming of the muzzle may be observed in sheep, but will disappear within few hours.


    Meat: 15 days before slaughter.

    Milk: 5 days after the last treatment.


    3 years.


    In a 120ml, 250ml, 500ml or 1Liter plastic bottle.


    Store in a cool, dry and dark place below 30.


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 Albendazole Suspension Oral 10%*100ml,500ml,1L Sudan Factory detail pictures

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