Factory wholesale price for Multivitamin injection 500*50ml,100ml for panama Manufacturer

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  • Price & Quotation: FOB Shanghai: Discuss in Person
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Yiwu
  • MOQ(5ml,10ml): 30000 Bottles
  • MOQ(50ml,100ml): 5000 Bottles
  • MOQ(250ml,500ml): 2000 Bottles
  • MOQ: Powder/Bolus: 500 KG
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    Factory wholesale price for Multivitamin injection 500*50ml,100ml for panama Manufacturer Detail:

    Each ml contains: 
    Retinyl palmitate (A)           50,000 I.U. 
    Cholecalciferol (D3)            25,000 I.U. 
    Alpha-tocopherol acetate (E)           4mg 
    Thiamine HCl (B1)                   2.5 mg 
    Riboflavin sodium phosphate (B2)      2 mg 
    Pyridoxine HCl (B6)                1.25 mg 
    Cyanocobalamin (B12)               0.03 mg 
    Ascorbic acid (C)                     2 mg 
    Nicotinamide (B3)                  12.5 mg 
    D-Panthenol (B5)                      3 mg

    Pharmacological action: 
    MULTIVITBOOST are organic substances required by the body in small amounts for various metabolic processes. Most are not synthesised in the body, or are synthesised in small or insufficient quantities. Vitamin deficiency may result from an inadequate diet, perhaps due to increased requirements such as during pregnancy, or may be induced by disease or drugs.
    Signs of deficiency in animals of some of the vitamins include:
    Vitamin A- Poor growth, unsteady gait, birth of abnormal pigs, hyperkeratinization of skin, xerophthalmia Low liver vitamin A, elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure, low plasma vitamin A.
    Vitamin D3- Poor growth, leg weakness, Rickets, low plasma Ca and P, elevated plasma alkaline phosphatase.
    Vitamin E acetate- Sudden death, paleness Liver necrosis, mulberry heart, pale musculature, edema, and jaundice.
    Thiamine HCL-Poor growth, loss of appetite, sudden death Enlarged flabby heart, abnormal electrocardiogram, elevated blood pyruvate.
    Pyridoxine HCL-Poor growth, epileptic convulsions Low blood hemoglobin, high plasma iron, high urinary xanthurenic acid.
    Vitamin B12-Poor growth, irritable, birth of weak pigs Low serum B12, low lymphocyte count, enlarged liver.

    Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiency in cattle, horses and sheep, caused by: increased requirements due to stress or illness, 
    growth, production or performance. Decreased intake due to inferior feed quality, inappetence or general weakness.


    By intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.  
    Clean the area of the injection site and swab with spirit. 
    Ensure that all injection equipment is thoroughly clean and sterilized before use.
    Cattle, Horse, Sheep & Goats:
    Horses and cattle: 8 – 12 ml 
    Foals and calves: 3 – 5 ml 
    Lambs: 2-3 ml


    In 50ml or 100ml bottle.

    Store in a cool, dry and dark place below 25℃.

    2 years. 



    Product detail pictures:

    Factory wholesale price for
 Multivitamin injection 500*50ml,100ml for panama Manufacturer detail pictures

    Factory wholesale price for
 Multivitamin injection 500*50ml,100ml for panama Manufacturer detail pictures

    Factory wholesale price for
 Multivitamin injection 500*50ml,100ml for panama Manufacturer detail pictures

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  • How To Get Rid Of Hpv Genital Warts At Home: In this video, we try to explain complete details about how to get rid of HPV genital warts at home – follow the steps in this video for HPV warts treatment. Subscribe to our channel for more videos.

    Watch: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivQE7ZCPiAo)

    How to Get Rid of Genital Warts?
    here are various natural and homemade remedies to cure HPV genital warts, which can be applied to the person, suffering from this sexually transmitted disease. Homeopathic treatment is also available for this ailment.

    Home Remedies for Genital Warts
    1. Tea Tree Oil

    The treatment of genital warts can be done by simply applying tea tree oil to a cotton ball over warts. Repeat this once a day for ten days. The wart will gradually turn white and fall off.

    Note: The application of tea tree oil will cause a minor harsh sensation, which is normal.

    2. Vitamin C
    Some warts an also be treated with the Vitamin C. Take a Vitamin C tablet and crush it. Mix it with few drops of water and apply it directly to genital warts. Remember to cover warts with a bandage for one day. This process will destroy the Papillomavirus, which is the main cause of genital warts.

    3. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

    Apple cider vinegar is an effective measure to remove genital warts. Direct application of ACV helps in removing the dead and dry cells. For more effective results, soak the cotton ball in ACV and keep it on warts. Cover it with an adhesive tape. Remove it after a few hours. Repeat it daily till warts fall off.

    4. Garlic
    Because of its antiviral properties, garlic is considered as a feasible treatment for genital warts. The treatment regime of garlic may include raw garlic or garlic in capsulated form. Crush raw garlic. Then, apply it on the affected part and wrap with a bandage for a day or two. You can also consume garlic in capsulated form. This is a natural treatment to get rid of genital warts.

    5. Onion
    Put sliced onions on genital warts and cover with a bandage or gauze. The onion props up the blood flow in the body. You can also use onion juice. For this, sprinkle some salt on the onion slices and leave them overnight. Extract the juice in the morning. Apply the extracted juice on genital warts. Onion works as an anti-microbial agent and salt work as an antiseptic.

    6. Vitamin E Oil or Castor Oil
    Vitamin E oil or castor oil can also be applied on genital warts to get rid of HPV infection.
    For best results, rub the affected part of genitalia with Vitamin E oil and then, cover it with crushed garlic.

    7. Oatmeal Bath
    Oatmeal bath is an effective method of relieving the sufferer from the uneasiness and itchiness of genital warts. Soak finely powdered oatmeal in a bucket of hot water. Take a bath with this water. It is one of the effective natural treatments for curing genital warts at home.

    8. Milkweed Sap
    The creamy liquid of the milkweed plant is supposed to be a useful and harmless cure for treating genital warts at home. The sap of the milkweed can be extracted by cutting the stem of the milkweed plant. The sap is directly applied on genital warts, which reduces the growth of the pathogen that in turn places the process of the healing process of the affected parts of the genitalia

    9. Licorice Root
    The Licorice root is crushed and then applied on genital warts, either directly or by tying on the infected area. This is a popular natural treatment for removing genital warts.

    10. Willow Tree Bark
    The bark of the willow tree is regarded to be an effective natural remedy for removing genital warts. The inner part of the willow tree bark is humidified to achieve the required level of elasticity. The moistened tree bark is applied to genital warts and held in place with the use of bandage or gauze.

    Thanks for watching how to get rid of HPV genital warts at home – follow the steps in this video for HPV warts treatment video and don’t forget to like, comment and share.

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