Factory supplied Fenbendazole Oral Suspension to Macedonia Factory

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    Factory supplied Fenbendazole Oral Suspension to Macedonia Factory Detail:

    Fenbendazole Oral Suspension

    For cattles
    Fenbendazole is a broad spectrum anthelmintic belonging to the group of benzimidazole-carbamates applied for the control of mature and developing immature forms of nematodes (gastrointestinal roundworms and lung worms) and cestodes (tapeworms).  
    Contains per ml.:  
    Fenbendazole  100 mg.  
    Solvents ad.    1 ml. 

    Prophylaxis and treatment of gastrointestinal and respiratory worm infections and cestodes in calves, cattle, goats, sheep and swine such as: Gastrointestinal roundworms: Bunostomum, Cooperia, Haemonchus, Nematodirus, Oesophagostomum, Ostertagia, Strongyloides, Trichuris and Trichostrongylus spp.  
    Lung worms: Dictyocaulus viviparus.  
    Tapeworms: Monieza spp. 

    Contra indications:None.  
    Side effects:Hypersensitivity reactions. 

    Dosage:For oral administration:   
    Goats, swine and sheep: 1.0 ml per 20 kg body weight.  
    Calves and cattle: 7.5 ml per 100 kg body weight. 

    Shake well before use. 

    Withdrawal times   
    - For meat : 14 days.  
    - For milk : 4 days. 

    Keep out of reach of children. 

    Bottle containing 100, 500 and 1000 ml.

    FOR Dogs and Cats

    A white oral suspension of fenbendazole as a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for domestic dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. 1ml contains 100mg active ingredient fenbendazole.

    A broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of domestic dogs and cats infected with immature and mature stages of nematodes of the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts.

    Adult dogs and cats:  
    For the treatment of adult dogs and cats infected with gastro-intestinal nematodes and 
    Ascarid spp.  (Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina)
    Ancylostoma spp.
    Trichuris spp.
    Uncinaria spp.
    Taenia  spp.

    Puppies and kittens:
    For the treatment of puppies and kittens infected with gastro-intestinal nematodes and puppies infected with protozoa (Giardia spp.). 
    Pregnant dogs:
    For the treatment of pregnant dogs to reduce prenatal infections with Toxocara canis and the transfer of T. canis and Ancylostoma caninum to the pups via the milk.

    Other:Also for the treatment of dogs infected with lungworm Oslerus (Filaroides) osleri or protozoa Giardia  spp. and cats infected with lungworm Aelurostrongylus abstrusus.
    Also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs.

    Dosage and administration
    Routine treatment of adult cats and dogs:1ml per 1kg bodyweight as a single oral dose.(= 100mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight).

    Practical dosage recommendations:
    2 to 4kg   4ml
    4 to 8kg   8ml
    8 to 16kg 16ml
    16 to 24kg   24ml
    24 to 32kg   32ml
    32 to 64kg   64ml

    For dogs weighing over 64kg an extra 1ml is required for each additional 1kg bodyweight.
    The dose should be mixed with feed, or administered orally directly after feeding.
    Treatment should be repeated when natural re-infestation with parasitic worms occurs. Routine treatment of adult animals with minimal exposure to infection is advisable 2 to 4 times per year. More frequent treatment at 6 to 8 weekly intervals is advisable for dogs in kennels.

    Puppies and kittens under six months of age:
    0.5ml per kg bodyweight daily for 3 consecutive days given by mouth after feeding to unweaned animals or mixed with food for weaned animals.
    (= 50mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily for 3 days).

    Practical dosage recommendations:
    Up to 1kg     0.5ml daily for 3 days
    1 to 2kg      1ml daily for 3 days
    2 to 4kg      2ml daily for 3 days
    4 to 6kg      3ml daily for 3 days
    6 to 8kg      4ml daily for 3 days
    8 to 10kg     5ml daily for 3 days

    For puppies weighing over 10kg, an extra 0.5ml is required daily for each additional kg bodyweight.
    Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age, 5 weeks of age and again before leaving the breeders premises. Treatment may also be required at 8 and 12 weeks of age. Thereafter, frequency of treatment can be reduced unless the pups remain in kennels where reinfestation occurs more readily.

    Pregnant dogs:
    1ml per 4kg bodyweight daily from day 40 of pregnancy continuously to 2 days post-whelping (approximately 25 days).(= 25mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily).

    Practical dosage recommendations:
    4kg      1ml daily for approx. 25 days
    8kg      2ml daily for approx. 25 days
    12kg     3 ml daily for approx. 25 days
    20kg     5ml daily for approx. 25 days
    40kg     10ml daily for approx. 25 days

    For dogs weighing over 40kg, an extra 1ml is required for each additional 4kg bodyweight.
    As treatment of pregnant dogs is 98% effective, puppies from these dogs should themselves be treated with a three day course at 2 and 5 weeks of age.

    Pregnant cats:
    Pregnant cats can be safely treated with this product but only require a single treatment at the routine adult dose rate. Administer 1ml per 1kg bodyweight as a single dose.(= 100mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight).

    Increased dosing for specific infections:
    For the treatment of clinical worm infestations in adult dogs and cats or Giardia  spp. infections in dogs, administer 1ml per 2kg bodyweight daily for 3 consecutive days.(= 50mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily for 3 days).

    For the control of lungworm Oslerus (Filaroides) osleri in dogs administer 1ml per 2kg bodyweight daily for 7 consecutive days.(= 50mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily for 7 days).A repeat course of treatment may be required in some cases.

    For the control of lungworm Aelurostrongylus abstrusus in cats administer 1ml per 2kg bodyweight daily for 3 consecutive days.(= 50mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily for 3 days).
    Benzimidazoles have a wide safety margin and even overdose is unlikely to cause reactions.

    Contra-indications, warnings, etc.
    Direct contact with the skin should be kept to a minimum. Wash hands after use.Assess bodyweight as accurately as possible before calculating the dosage.

    Pharmaceutical precautions:Do not freeze. Shake container well before use.
    Wear impermeable rubber gloves. 
    Dispose of empty packaging and any remaining product in the household refuse.
    Legal category


    Package quantities 
    100ml multidose bottle.

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    Factory supplied
 Fenbendazole Oral Suspension to Macedonia Factory detail pictures

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    In choice drugs, there is very minimal change in curing hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. This is since the treatment includes aiding the thyroid to recover, in either scenario. People with hyperthyroidism really should not use iodine, since it could overdrive the thyroid, worsening the situation.

    Curing thyroid ailment needs a lengthy-expression dedication for a period of time of at least a calendar year. Making this difficulty took many years of self-poisoning, so fixing it is neither fast, nor effortless. Hypothyroidism prescription drugs are addictive, and the system gets reliant on them, which is why the mainstream institution maintains that persons need to take them endlessly. People who have been getting hypothyroidism prescription drugs for many years need to slowly wean them selves from the medicines. Abruptly stopping these prescription drugs will consequence in serious exhaustion, and additional thyroid issues.

    Treatment Tips

    Remove and discard all non-stick cookware
    Remove Soy – Soy suppresses thyroid purpose, imbalances hormones, and it has been demonstrated to induce goiters (an enlargement of the thyroid gland) in formerly healthier men and women, which shows that it disrupts iodine usage.
    Adhere to an Alkaline Food plan – This is very helpful when curing any chronic ailment. Reference the Overall body pH and Disorder article to guideline you.
    Stability Estrogen Amounts (Ladies) – Surplus estrogen slows down the thyroid gland. This indicates doing away with start manage prescription drugs, raising the fiber in the diet plan, and averting all non-organic meats. Expansion hormones in meats direct to imbalanced hormones. Cut down dairy consumption, since milk usually contains a lot of estrogen principally since cows are milked frequently through pregnancy.
    Training – Uncover a bodily activity that is entertaining, and do it usually. We imagine that exercising could 50 percent the get rid of time in some situations, and curing is not feasible without it.
    Hemp Fiber – This is a wide spectrum nutritional supplement and a gentle laxative.
    L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine is a organic amino acid which helps the system develop its have thyroid hormone. This is also acknowledged to support with the melancholy, which commonly accompanies hypothyroidism. Most naturopaths advise that 500 mg. be taken two-3 situations daily.
    L-Arginine – Arginine is acknowledged to promote the thyroid and its hormones. It also enhances immune purpose, enhances fertility, and alleviates erectile dysfunction.
    Iodine – The thyroid wants iodine to purpose effectively, and a lot of persons now put up with from iodine deficiencies. To check by yourself, area some iodine (we use two%) on your tummy. Make a dot the sizing of a silver dollar (or 2 times the sizing of a British 50p). If it disappears inside twelve hours, then you are iodine deficient. Retain including iodine in raising quantities, till it no lengthier disappears in a twelve-hour period of time. This operates thanks to the point that the system absorbs iodine at the amount at which it is necessary. Do not use povidone iodine and do not orally eat iodine. This is especially an crucial precaution for those with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
    Stay clear of all resources of fluoride – As by now pointed out, fluoride suppresses the thyroid, and is possible to be the foremost induce of hypothyroidism. Drink spring drinking water, avoid comfortable drinks, use fluoride-free of charge toothpaste, use a shower filter, and throw away non-stick cookware. Both espresso and tea by natural means incorporate fluoride, so use iodine to compensate if these drinks are indispensable.
    Take in a organic diet plan – To support the system to recover itself, get rid of burdens on its immune process. This indicates that all processed meals, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, white flour, white sugar, desk salt, hydrogenated oils, aluminum, higher fructose corn syrup, and etcetera really should be eliminated from the diet plan. Natural foods is the suitable. Do not have confidence in internet marketing that reads “All All-natural”, since this phrase is unregulated, so anyone can use it for something. Go through labels meticulously.
    Chlorophyll – Supplementing with chlorophyll presents crucial copper, helps oxygenate the system, builds healthier red blood cells, and it in general helps with skin wellness. Chlorophyll is a secure system of orally supplementing with copper. People who are employing our Colloidal Copper Lotion are not likely to will need additional copper.
    Zinc and Selenium: Reports indicate that serious zinc or selenium deficiencies can induce lowered thyroid hormone ranges. In no way take zinc on an empty tummy. Brazil nuts are higher in equally zinc and selenium.
    Coconut Oil: Obtain organic, cold-pressed, coconut oil from a wellness foods retail store. Get all around one teaspoon of it daily. You can also use it to prepare dinner with, but be warned that it smokes at reduced cooking temperatures, so it really should only be applied for reduced-warmth cooking. Coconut oil speeds the fat burning capacity, encourages output of the thyroid hormone, and kills candida yeast.

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