30 Years Factory Ivermectin Injection 1%*100ml+10ml*80Bottles to Serbia

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  • Price & Quotation: FOB Shanghai: Discuss in Person
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Yiwu
  • MOQ(5ml,10ml): 30000 Bottles
  • MOQ(50ml,100ml): 5000 Bottles
  • MOQ(250ml,500ml): 2000 Bottles
  • MOQ: Powder/Bolus: 500 KG
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    30 Years Factory Ivermectin Injection 1%*100ml+10ml*80Bottles to Serbia Detail:

    Each ml. contains ivermectin 10 mg. 

    Parasitic diseases are common in animals. Parasites can affect the skin, ears, stomach and intestines, and the internal organs including the heart, lungs and liver. Several drugs have been developed to kill or prevent parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites and worms. Ivermectin and related drugs are among the most effective of these. 
    Ivermectin is a parasite control drug. Ivermectin causes neurologic damage to the parasite, resulting in paralysis and death. Ivermectin has been used to prevent parasite infections, as with heartworm prevention, and to treat infections, as with ear mites. 
    Ivermectin is a prescription drug and can only be obtained from a veterinarian or by prescription from a veterinarian. 

    The injection is mainly applied to treat domestic animal’s diseases of gastrointestinal nematodes, hypoderma bovis, hypoderma lineatum, sheep nose bot, psoroptes ovis, sarcoptes scabiei var. Suis,sarcoptes ovis, fasciola(Liver Fluke), oestrus spp and the like. 
    Cattle: Ostertagia ostertagi (including inhibited o. ostertagi), o. lyrata, haemonchus placei, trichostrongylus axei, t. colubriformis, cooperia oncophora, c. punctata, c. pectinata, bunostomum phlebotomum, nematodirus helvetianus (adults only), n. spathiger (adults only), oesophagostomum radiatum, dictyocaulus viviparus, fasciola hepatica (adults only), hypoderma bovis, h. lineatum, linognathus vituli, haematopinus eurysternus, solenopotes capillatus, psoroptes ovis (syn. p. communis var. bovis), sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis. Sheep: Oestrus ovis, sarcoptes scabiei, psoregates var ovis, trichostrongylus axei, haemonchus sps., ostertagia sps., trichostrongylus sps., nematodirus sps., cooperia sps., bunostomum sps., strongyloides sps., oesophagastomum sps., chabertia sps., trichuris sps., dictyocaulus sps. Dogs: Sarcoptes scabiei, otodectes cynotis, toxascaris leonina, toxocara caninum / cati, uncinaria stenocephala, ancylostoma caninum, trichuris vulpis,dirifilaria (larval stages) 

    Usage and administration: 
    Cattle: 1.0 ml/50 kg body weight. 
    Sheep: 0.5 ml/25 kg body weight. 
    Dogs: 0.5 ml /25 kg body weight. 

    Medication should never be administered without first consulting your veterinarian. The dose for ivermectin varies from species to species and also depends on the intent of treatment. General dosing guidelines follow. 
    For dogs: Dose is 0.0015 to 0.003 mg per pound (0.003 to 0.006 mg/kg) once a month for heartworm prevention; 0.15 mg per pound (0.3 mg/kg) once, then repeat in 14 days for skin parasites; and 0.1 mg per pound (0.2 mg/kg) once for gastrointestinal parasites. 
    For cats: Dose is 0.012 mg per pound (0.024 mg/kg) once monthly for heartworm prevention. 
    The duration of administration depends on the condition being treated, response to the medication and the development of any adverse effects. Be certain to complete the prescription unless specifically directed by your veterinarian. Even if your pet feels better, the entire treatment plan should be completed to prevent relapse or prevent the development of resistance. 

    Side effect and contraindication: 
    While generally safe and effective when prescribed by a veterinarian, ivermectin can cause side effects in some animals. Ivermectin should not be used in animals with known hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug. Ivermectin should be used with caution in collie breeds or collie mixed breeds due to potential toxic effects. This is particularly true when using higher doses. Ivermectin should not be used in dogs that are positive for heartworm disease except under strict supervision of a veterinarian. Prior to starting a heartworm prevention containing ivermectin, the dog should be tested for heartworms. Ivermectin generally should be avoided in dogs less than 6 weeks of age. Ivermectin is relatively safe, but overdoses can occur if massive amounts are given or if the drug is given to heartworm positive dogs. Signs of overdose, including stumbling, tremors, blindness, disorientation or weakness, generally occur within 12 hours of overdose. 
    In heartworm positive dogs, supportive treatment for shock may be required. Ivermectin should be used with caution at high doses, a drug used to treat or prevent flea infestations. 

    Withdrawal time: 
    The withdrawal time of 49 days has been established for ivermectin and clorsulon in cattle and sheep for slaughter. A withdrawal period for milk has not been established. 
    Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. 

    Storage and expired time: 
    Put in cool, dry and dark place. 
    3 years. 


    Product detail pictures:

    30 Years Factory Ivermectin Injection 1%*100ml+10ml*80Bottles to Serbia detail pictures

    30 Years Factory Ivermectin Injection 1%*100ml+10ml*80Bottles to Serbia detail pictures

    30 Years Factory Ivermectin Injection 1%*100ml+10ml*80Bottles to Serbia detail pictures

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  • Complementary Liquid containing high ratio of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), basic amino acids, some electrolytes, vitamins of groups B and A, D, E, K and immune system developing nucleotides.

    Purpose of use: Concentrated Pantonic due high distillation technology, easily soluble in water, no sediment building at the bottom Doesn’t cause oil phase and water phase separation. Doesn’t clog drippers. Biofilm isn’t formed in used cups. Animals consume with apetite. Pantonicenhances appetite and utilization of feed, supports the digestive systems flora and supports the immune system. Contributes to growth and development in young animals (Calves, Lambs, foals, camels and chickens) It’s scientifically proven that nucleotides in Pantonic, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis from RNA, enhances the immune system that accelerates RNA and DNA synthesis on animals, increases resistance to bacterial infections and contributes to the development of the digestive tract. Nucleotides accelerates bowel recovery after diarrhea or food insufficiency, increases growth rate. Pantonic with nucleotides; prevents liver fattening, contributes to the development of efficiency, eliminates nutritional imbalances in pregnancy and puerperium. Contributes to growth and yield increase in cattle. Electrolytes, vitamins A, D, E, K and all vitamins of group B, Vitamin B5 and nucleotides improve the growth potential of all types of poultry and turkeys. It supports the immune system in stress, dietary changes and disease states. Pantonic Nucleotide reduces mortality level and supports egg yield. Has a positive effect on horse performance and appetite. For bees, suffering weakness in their colony, using Pantonic in spring and summer months can support and strengthen the colonyç Pantonic is a very easy solution to use. Its unique odor comes from its vitamins. It is easily soluble with the drinking water of animals. Benefits of use: Concentrated with high distillation technology, Pantonic doesn’t createa liquid phase. Easily soluble in drinking water. Doesn’t form biofilm in cups it has been used in. Easy oral use with high effect. Has the advantage of avoiding injection stress and its side effects. Contents: Vitamin A: 3.000.000 IU, Vitamin D3: 640.000 IU, Vitamin E: 4.050 mg, Pantotenic acid: 16.500 mg, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K3, Vitamin C, Biotin, Choli̇n Clori̇de, Nucleotide, Amino acids and other nutritional values. For more information please refer to the label. Usage and dosage: Indicated doses can be given with feed and/or drinking water. Continue treatment for 4-5 days. Beef & Dairy Cattle, Camels, Horses: 50 ml/head/day. Calves, Foals, Sheep, Goats (live weight 50 Kg): 5 ml/head/ day. Lambs, yeanlings: 3ml/head/day, Chickens, Turkeys: 1-2 lt in 1 ton of drinking water for 5 days Chicks, Pullets: 2-3 lt in 1 ton of drinking water for 5 days. Bees: To support bees during diarrhea and weakening, add 100 ml to 100 lt of sugary syrup and apply for at least 5 days. The doses above can be doubled and starched to 10 days of treatment under the supervision of a veterinarian or an animal nutrition expert. In general: 1-2 lt of Pantonic to 1 ton of drinking water. Indicated doses should be applied to drinkable amounts and given for 4-5 days a month. Packaging: 1 lt, 5 lt

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