2016 China New Design Multivitamin injection 200 * 30ml,50ml,100ml California Manufacturers

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  • MOQ(50ml,100ml(g)): 5000 Bottle/Bag
  • MOQ(250ml,500ml(g)): 2000 Bottle/Bag
  • MOQ(5ml,10ml): 30000 Bottle/Vial
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Yiwu
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    2016 China New Design Multivitamin injection 200 * 30ml,50ml,100ml California Manufacturers Detail:

    Injectable solution contains per ml:
    Vit. A                        2000 I.U.
    Vit. D3                      2000 I.U.
    Vit. E acetate                4 mg.
    Nictinamide                10 mg.
    Thiamine HCL            10 mg.
    Pyridoxine HCL            5 mg.
    Riboflavine Phosphate Sodium       1 mg.
    D-Panthenol                1 mg.
    Vit. B12                   10 mcg. 
    D-Biotin                   10 mcg. 
    Calcium glycerophosphate       10mg.
    Phenol(As preservative)       0.5% w/v.
    (Approprate overages of vitamins are added to compensate loss on storage)
    Descriptions: N/A
    MULTIVITBOOST is indicated in the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies in horses, cattle and sheep & goats, particularly during periods of illness, convalescence and general unthriftiness.
    Pharmacological action: 
    MULTIVITBOOST are organic substances required by the body in small amounts for various metabolic processes. Most are not synthesised in the body, or are synthesised in small or insufficient quantities. Vitamin deficiency may result from an inadequate diet, perhaps due to increased requirements such as during pregnancy, or may be induced by disease or drugs.
    Signs of deficiency in animals of some of the vitamins include:
    Vitamin A- Poor growth, unsteady gait, birth of abnormal pigs, hyperkeratinization of skin, xerophthalmia Low liver vitamin A, elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure, low plasma vitamin A.
    Vitamin D3- Poor growth, leg weakness, Rickets, low plasma Ca and P, elevated plasma alkaline phosphatase.
    Vitamin E acetate- Sudden death, paleness Liver necrosis, mulberry heart, pale musculature, edema, and jaundice.
    Thiamine HCL-Poor growth, loss of appetite, sudden death Enlarged flabby heart, abnormal electrocardiogram, elevated blood pyruvate.
    Pyridoxine HCL-Poor growth, epileptic convulsions Low blood hemoglobin, high plasma iron, high urinary xanthurenic acid.
    Vitamin B12-Poor growth, irritable, birth of weak pigs Low serum B12, low lymphocyte count, enlarged liver.
    Usage and administration:
    By intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.  
    Clean the area of the injection site and swab with spirit. 
    Ensure that all injection equipment is thoroughly clean and sterilized before use.
    Cattle, Horse, Sheep & Goats:
    1 ml/ 10-15 kg b.wt. By SC., I.M. or slow I.V. Injections on alternate days.
    Side effect and contraindication: N/A
    Withdrawal period for milk:    Nil
    Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment.  Horses, cattle and sheep & goats may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 28 days from the last treatment.
    Keep all medicines away from children.  
    Withdrawal time: 
    14 days for cattle and goats  
    21 days for sheep and pig. 
    Milk: 3 days.

    Storage and expired time:
    Put in a cool and dark place, below 25℃.  
    3 years.

    Packing : 50ml, 100ml/bottle 

    Product detail pictures:

    2016 China New Design
 Multivitamin injection 200 * 30ml,50ml,100ml California Manufacturers detail pictures

    2016 China New Design
 Multivitamin injection 200 * 30ml,50ml,100ml California Manufacturers detail pictures

    2016 China New Design
 Multivitamin injection 200 * 30ml,50ml,100ml California Manufacturers detail pictures

    2016 China New Design
 Multivitamin injection 200 * 30ml,50ml,100ml California Manufacturers detail pictures

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    QUESTION: Does Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7) have any known side effects?
    ANSWER: Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7) has no known side effects as to date, but the effects on individual persons varies as its components balances our individual deficiencies and tries to rectify it.

    QUESTION: Why does i feel a little bit woozy on the first two days after taking taking Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7)?
    ANSWER: You feel woozy because your body was still trying to adjust to the mega dose of nutrients of Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7), physicians calls this phenomenon as loading dose, which they claim to be quite natural while taking any type of food supplement.

    QUESTION: I am taking other supplements and when I tried Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7), within hours of taking I felt as if everything around me is moving fast.
    ANSWER: Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7) is already a complete source of vitamins and minerals, and what you are experiencing could the effects of other active ingredients from your other supplement reacting to those of ALIVE. Try taking Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7) alone and see if you would feel the same effect that you have felt before, if you do feel it again, then it is a rare probability that you may have some allergic reactions to some of Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7) components, if not, then the other foodsupplement is most probably reacting to it.

    QUESTION: I am already taking a lot of medications, is it safe for me to take Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7)?
    ANSWER: Yes it is safe for you take it, but please be reminded that Complete Phyto-nutrients (Alive!) is a food supplement and it is not design to replace your medication entirely, but it is formulated so that it can help in the healing process of your ailing body.

    QUESTION: I am a health buff, does Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7) helps me in keeping my body fit?
    ANSWER: Yes, Complete Phyto-nutrients C24/7) is also ideal for health buffs like you, since it is packed with amino acids, it can help repair your muscles that was damage during heavy work outs, and helps in dissolving fats and in the process reduces your weight.

    QUESTION: I’m not suffering from any ailments, why should I take Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7)?
    ANSWER: It is not that only the sick who should take Complete Phyto-nutrients (C24/7), but everybody else since its components help our body to strengthen our immune system and regulates our body systems, which prevents any types of diseases .

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