15 Years Factory Colistin sulphate and Enrofloxacin Oral Solution Bulgaria Factories

15 Years Factory
 Colistin sulphate and Enrofloxacin Oral Solution Bulgaria Factories

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    We stick to our enterprise spirit of "Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Integrity". We aim to create more value for our customers with our rich resources, advanced machinery, experienced workers and excellent services 15 Years Factory Colistin sulphate and Enrofloxacin Oral Solution Bulgaria Factories, Please send us your specifications and requirements, or feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries that you may have.

    (Super Antibacterial Agent)

    Contains per ml:  
    Colistin sulphate 1 200 000 IU.
    Enrofloxacin              100 mg.
    Solvents ad                    1 ml.
    The combination of colistin and enrofloxacin acts additive. Enrofloxacin is a synthetic, broad spectrum antimicrobial substance, belonging to the fluoroquinoline group of antibiotics. Enrofloxacin is active against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasmas. It is well absorbed after oral administration and rapidly excreted in the bile and urine, mostly as enrofloxacin and the metabolite ciprofloxacin. Colistin is an antibiotic from the group of polymyxins with bactericidal action against Gram-negative bacteria like E. coli, Haemophilus and Salmonella spp. It is absorbed poorly after oral administration and serum concentrations are generally undetectable in target species. Orally administered colistin is eliminated almost totally in faeces.
    Coliflox Oral is indicated for gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary tract infections caused by colistin and enrofloxacin sensitive micro-organisms like Campylobacter, E. coli, Haemophilus, Mycoplasma, Pasteurella and Salmonella spp. in poultry and swine.
    Contra indications:
    Cases of hypersensitivity to colistin and/or enrofloxacin or to any of the excipients.  
    Administration to animals with seriously impaired renal and/or hepatic functions.  
    Cases of resistance against quinolones and/or colistin.  
    Administration to poultry producing eggs for human consumption or in pregnant or lactating animals.  
    Administration of Coliflox Oral in subtherapeutic doses or for prevention.  
    Side effects:
    All membes of the quinolone family of antibiotics have the ability to cause articular lesions in young animals.  
    Digestive alterations may appear, such as intestinal dysbiosis, accumulation of gases, mild diarrhoea or vommiting.  
    Side-effects for quinolones like rash and central nervous system disturbance may occur.  
    During a period of rapid growth, enrofloxacin may affect joint cartilage.  
    For oral administration with drinking water: 
    Only sufficient medicated drinking water should be prepared to cover daily requirements. Medicated drinking water should be replaced every 24 hours.  
    Poultry:1 litre per 2000 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.
    Pigs :1 litre per 3000 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.
    Withdrawal times:
    - For meat and offal: 9 days.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Bottle containing 50ml,100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000 ml.

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