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Bullvet, Looking For Animal Pharmaceutical Distributors Worldwide

Bullvet, a high-tech GMP certified veterinary drug manufacturer in China, focuses on providing high efficient animal healthcare product.
As the global emphasis on food safety has increased, the government’s regulation of veterinary drugs has become increasingly strict. The improvement of the public’s awareness of environmental protection and health will drive the market demand of the veterinary drug industry to gradually shift from the single goal of pursuing “high efficiency” to the pursuit of “high efficiency”, “low residue”, “low toxicity” and “short withdrawal period”. Under the guidance of relevant policies, Bullvet has gradually completed supply-side reforms to develop and produce more efficient and safer veterinary medicines. Guided by market demands and national policies, safe, efficient and low-residue veterinary medicines will gradually replace market share of those with poor safety, low conversion rate and high residual rate, and will be widely used in animal husbandry and feed industry and become the mainstream products in future’s veterinary medicine market.
Since its founding, Bullvet has been determined to provide efficient and safe veterinary medical products to global farming owners, and is committed to creating a world-renowned brand dedicated to animal health.
Welcome to join us as an agent in your country, together toward a bright coming future!