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The core technology of bacterial efflux resistance inhibitor tetrandrine is a core research project of Bullvet. This technology can quickly reverse the resistance of bacteria to various antibacterial drugs, so that the old drug can be revitalized, reduce the dosage and reduce the residue. To improve the safety of animal products, it is currently at the international leading level. The constant innovation of technology has earned the company many honors and was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2014. With the advent of the “Internet +” era, veterinary drug e-commerce has also developed rapidly. Bullvet has vigorously developed e-commerce in the eastern coastal areas in the domestic market, and has developed online and offline in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions. Now veterinary medicine of Bullvet has already gone abroad, and has successfully obtained registration licenses from more than 10 countries including Nicaragua, Nigeria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Armenia. Bullvet products can be found everywhere in West Africa, East Africa, the Middle East and South America; In future Bullvet products will be spread throughout Europe, North America, Australia and the whole world. Overseas customers have visited Bullvet and established a good cooperative relationship with Bullvet.


Bullvet also received the care, support and help from leaders at all levels and all walks of life. At the end of 2014, Mr. Wu Gang, Vice Mayor of Chongqing visited our company to guide innovation. Rongchang Daily, Chongqing Daily, Hualong.com and Southwest University News have all reported on Bullvet veterinary drugs. Bullvet is constantly growing and growing, with sales increasing from more than 1 million in 2011 to more than 10 million in 2015, and the growth rate has reached 10 times in just 5 years. The number of employees has also increased from 3 at the beginning of 2011 to nearly 100 today. The salary level has also increased year by year. Bullvet’s first five-year plan has been basically realized, and it is striding towards the second five-year plan. The annual sales performance is growing at a rate of 20-50%; it will exceed 50 million yuan at the 10th anniversary of the company’s establishment; the sales revenue will be 100 million yuan for the 15th anniversary; and the sales income will be 350 million yuan for the 20th anniversary.

The company is building a new type of enterprise that is equipped with equipment automation, production intelligence, intelligent management, personnel specialization, and global sales. It is expected to be officially put into production in two years. This year is a crucial year for Bullvet Company. In this year, the company’s development has entered a climbing stage. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company’s work has achieved unprecedented growth, and its comprehensive strength has been greatly enhanced; this year Bullvet experienced the inspection of the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia and initiated the construction of a new base, opened up e-commerce, and is fully promoting the listing of the New Third Board. The Bullvet are working hard to realize their dreams as soon as possible! Honest achieve a win-win, dedication cast excellence! This is the entrepreneurial spirit of Bullvet forever!