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Every day, the increasing challenges our customers and partners faced are more complex. Particularly 10 years ago, animal health was closely related to our own safety. Today, the science of making animals healthier is also the science of food safety and supply, and at the same time the science of global human health. Moreover, it is also a science that protects people’s bodies and minds free from disease.

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Напрыклад, мяса і малочныя прадукты спажыванне стала асноўным кампанентам глабальнай змены ладу жыцця. Эканоміка усіх краін і рэгіёнаў па ўсім свеце працягвае квітнець, у той час попыт на прадукты, багатыя вавёркамі ўзрастае. Паводле статыстыкі справаздачы раскрытай, патрэба ў добрым жывёльным бялок, як чакаецца, павялічыцца на 50% на працягу наступных 10 гадоў. Таму, тое, што павінна быць зроблена, каб распрацаваць высокаэфектыўныя фармацэўтычныя прэпараты, каб забяспечыць мяса і малочныя прадукты адпавядаюць законам бяспекі харчовых прадуктаў, а таксама для аказання дапамогі фермераў ў выкарыстанні лекавых сродкаў рацыянальныя для абароны ад распаўсюджаных захворванняў жывёл.
Калі нам трэба , каб задаволіць добрыя патрэбы бялку з - за павышэнне ўзроўню жыцця і рост насельніцтва, прафілактыку і лячэнне пашкоджанняў захворвання будзе мець вырашальнае значэнне. Акрамя таго, таксама будуць скарочаныя землі сельскагаспадарчага прызначэння і выкарыстання вады. Такім чынам, не толькі жывёлы павінны быць здаровымі, але і павінны быць эфектыўна паднятыя.

Bullvet’s product portfolio has focused on helping farmers maintain the stock of livestock, covering a broad portfolio of antimicrobial, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and health care products for providing high-efficient solutions to farmers. A variety of common disease treatment and performance techniques ensure that animals are up to bodyweight standard and healthy.

The lives of countless people around the world are closely related to the health of cattle and sheep people raised. However, due to the scarcity of natural resources and climate changing, the growth environment of cattle and sheep is not that optimistic, and the environmental impact is very readily to cause cattle and sheep to infect various diseases and then affect the quality of protein production. Based on preventing and controlling growth environment from deteriorating, it’s absolutely necessary to improve the efficiency of breeding and strengthen the body of livestock to avoid the reduction of the supply of meat and milk.
In order to ensure a safe and reliable supply of meat and milk food, the priority is to solve the world’s most troubled diseases that cause the healthy growth of animals. We cooperate with medical universities, farmers, regulators and scientists to help us develop more effective veterinary products for the treatment of acute rumen flatulence, poisoning, bovine epidemic fever and sheep epidemic disease, and sheep enterotoxemia.
Feeding and caring horses are extremely complex and costly. In order to maximize the value of the stock and keep the animals healthy, our customers need to use the best products. All raisers often need to deal with horse skin diseases caused by fungal and non-fungal dermatitis or parasites. At the same time, horse digestive diseases can also cause horses to lose weight, repeated abdominal pain, bowel knots, constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms. Bullvet has gradually become a market leader in the treatment of a variety of common diseases in the horses, protecting them from disease.
Increasing meat supply is inseparable from more intensive methods of large-scale animal husbandry. Large groups of animals need to be carefully protected. Ecological upheaval, as well as parasites and various types of bacteria, can lead to the spread of zoonotic diseases, especially to our swine farmers. In particular, common swine fever diseases are prone to loss of appetite, poor mental health, and physical weakness. They are common in piglets, and their morbidity and mortality are higher than those of grown swine. 
The supply of poultry meat is also designed to meet the diverse protein needs of consumers around the world, so healthy poultry is the key to the success of our poultry customers. Just as food safety is impeccable. Salmonella is one of the most common food-borne pathogens and can cause severe gastroenteritis in humans. Good gut health is extremely important for poultry, allowing it to convert feed properly and gain weight.
In recent years, with the high toxicity and the large amount of old-fashioned preparations of fishery drugs, the environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and people’s awareness of environmental protection and the need for sustainable development are increasing. Therefore, the demand for safe, economical and convenient new dosages of fishery drugs is rising as well. The demand for fish protein is increasing. Farmed fisheries also play a role in protecting wild fish while meeting such needs. Currently, more than half of the world’s food fish are from artificial farming. Protecting fish from disease and controlling bacteria and parasites is critical to ensuring the sustainable prosperity of the aquaculture industry.