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Brief Introduction of Chongqing Bull Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Chongqing Bull Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Bullvet) is a large-scale GMP enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sale of animal health medicines. It passed the GMP certification of the National Ministry of Agriculture in 2012 successfully. At present, it can produce and sell more than 100 varieties of 9 dosage forms. More than 40 products have obtained global free sales licenses. So far, the products are exported to more than 10 countries across the world. The company maintains good trade relationship with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Chile, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, etc. In 2013, the “BULLVET” trademark was registered through the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and also registered in 45 countries around the world, which has obtained registration licenses from the European Union, Japan, Canada and Australia. The Bullvet trademark has generated great influence and popularity abroad and gradually becomes an international brand of veterinary drugs.

Bullvet is the only high-tech enterprise among 13 veterinary drug manufacturers in Rongchang, Chongqing, China. The core technology “Development of bacterial drug resistance reversal preparation” is currently applying for national new veterinary drugs, and its series of products will gradually be pushed to the global market. Bullvet obtained 4 high-tech products and two key new products, 1 strategic new product, declared more than 40 national patents, and obtained 28 authorizations, including 2 invention patents.

Bullvet currently has more than 50 employees, including professors, associate professors, doctors, masters and above degree, totalling 18 professional and technical personnel; Mr. Wu Junwei, chairman of Bullvet, is a professor and doctor of Southwest University. He was selected as the candidate of Innovative Talents Promotion Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Ten-thousand Talents Program) in 2014.

Bullvet is preparing to build an intelligent and highly automated new factory, which can produce not only large-capacity water needles, small-capacity water needles and oral liquid of animal drugs, but also tablets, granules and other dosage forms. It started operation on September 01, 2017 and officially enabled in October, 2017. After the completion of the project, the annual sales revenue is expected to exceed RMB 50 million. On the company's 10th anniversary, sales revenue will have a breakthrough of RMB 100 million, and realize profits and taxes of RMB 10 million. On the 15th anniversary of its establishment, the company will have annual sales revenue of RMB 200-300 million and profits and taxes of more than RMB 20 million.

Bullvet always adheres to the enterprise spirit of “Integrity, Win-win, Dedication and Excellence”, adheres to "create profits for distributors, provides users with high-quality animal health products, creates a good working and living environment for employees" as the goal, and builds a "world famous veterinary drug enterprises" as the vision. In the face of opportunities and challenges, Bullvet looks to the world, plans the future, and unites with global customers, angering and forging ahead, creating a brilliant future for Bullvet!

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