Veterinary Drugs Get Advanced and Affordable With Bullvet

Bullvet manufactures some of the most effective and affordable veterinary drugs in China. Ivermectin infections and Oxytetracycline Injection are two of the many products that have generated global demands.

Chongqing City, China (February 27, 2017) – Chongqing Bull Animal Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd better known as Bullvet, is winning phenomenal reputation around the world of veterinary drugs for all the right reasons. This china based research, development and manufacturing facility has around 100 different types of injections and oral medications to its name, each of which has been manufactured with strict adherence to global standards as specified by WHO and other animal health regulatory bodies. With a history of superior and literally fool proof performance, these vet solutions are on their way to include more and more countries to its list of clients within the very near future. 

Over the past few years of its operations, Bullvet has managed to live up to their aim of making animal health maintenance easy and affordable for all. When asked about the secret to their success, the R&D team of Bullvet was ever enthusiastic in throwing light upon their approach to manufacturing right from intelligent selection of raw materials and the sources of the same, as well as developing a productive balance between high quality equipments, machineries and qualified manpower that is involved in the manufacturing process. A healthy and calculated harmony between the production variables has made it possible for this updated and evolved veterinary pharmaceutical factory facility to offer unprecedented quality and believable costs. 

The present goal of Bullvet is to expand its scope to include many other nations of the world to its present list of client locations. Active invitations to veterinary pharmaceutical agents from these prospective countries thus forms an integral part of the expansion strategy of this motivated company. 

About Bullvet:

Bullvet is an international research and development center for veterinary drugs and associated products. This company presently manufactures over 100 different varieties of veterinary injections in various volumes that are popular in over 20 different nations around the world and counting. 

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