// Three types of swine diseases treatable by Budexa

Three types of swine diseases treatable by Budexa
1. Swine rhinitis and laryngitis
Due to mucosal swelling, which causes narrowing of the cavity and respiratory disorders, the effect of simple application of antibiotics is not good, or the effect is too slow, and the use of large doses of Budexa can obtain immediate results.
2. Pigs suffer from blood protozoa
For example, the erythrocyte body, the red blood cell is destroyed, and the toxin is produced in large quantities but cannot be excreted, causing blood poisoning. Although a large number of antiprotozoal drugs are used but the effect is not good, the simultaneous use of large doses of Budexa can quickly reduce the clinical symptoms of sick pigs and greatly shorten the cure time.
3. Pigs suffer from pneumonia
Such as acute pleural pneumonia, the inflammation is severe, the effect of using antibiotics alone is too slow, and it requires multiple large doses to be effective, and there will be greater side effects due to large doses of injections. At this time, combined with large doses of Budexa can quickly control the lungs Department of inflammation, reduce exudation, shorten the treatment time.

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The above several situations take advantage of the strong anti-inflammatory and anti-toxin effects of Budexa. When using large doses of Budexa, it must be combined with a sufficient amount of sensitive antibiotics, otherwise the condition will deteriorate quickly, and the dose should be gradually reduced according to the condition.
Prohibition principles of Budexa in swine diseases
1. No specific antibacterial drugs are not available
Budexa cannot be used for diseases caused by viruses, molds, drug-resistant strains, and exotoxins without effective antimicrobial treatment.
2. It cannot be used in the early and late stages of pregnancy and newborn young animals
Budexa can pass through the blood-fetal barrier and severely inhibit the growth and development of embryos, leading to fetal malformations and even stillbirth mummies. In addition, it has the effect of stimulating the smooth muscle of the uterus, which can cause the uterus to contract and cause miscarriage.
3. It cannot be used in the inoculation period of the epidemic (bacteria) vaccine
Budexa can make the body’s protein outgrowth and inhibit protein synthesis to affect the production of antibodies, indirectly affect the production of antibodies, affect the immune titer of vaccines, and reduce the level of antibodies, thereby affecting the immune effect and even causing immune failure.
4. Cannot be used for long-term anti-infection
The longer the Budexa is used, the more likely it is to spread the infection, and increase the chances of secondary and concurrent diseases, especially some complicated hidden infections. Therefore, the smallest effective dose should be used as much as possible, and the dose should be reduced or stopped once the condition is controlled.

Post time: Oct-28-2020