Bullvet Veterinary Products Makes Its Way to the Global Market

Bullvet products are gaining steady popularity in the global veterinary market. Locations all over the world including countries in Africa and the Middle East are generating steady demands.

Chongqing City, China  (February 27, 2017) – Pet health and livestock maintenance can never be complete without the usage of a very long list of veterinary drugs and associated products that are needed to treat or prevent common health issues that can take a toll on a wide range of domestic animals. Whether bovine, canine, feathered or equine, owners at individual as well as commercial levels need to use vet medical supplies of the best quality so as to ensure uncompromised and risk free health in their animals while maintaining global standards as mentioned by WHO directives. 

Bullvet is one such company that has been scaling global heights with their veterinary products that have been manufactured strictly by keeping the stringent global standards in consideration. This china based veterinary pharmaceutical factory facility, currently manufactures around 100 different types of oral suspensions and injections including Ivermectin & Clorsulon injection, Oxytetracycline Injection and many more, each of which maintains GMP standards to the last word. 

At this very moment, Bullvet is very popular in about 20 different countries around the world including Egypy, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Philippine, Malaysia etc. The company however, intends to include many more nations from all parts of the world by the end of this decade. Inviting agents from prospective client companies presently forms an integral part of the expansion strategy of Bullvet which appears to be displaying a very promising result indeed. 

About Bullvet:

Bullvet is a China based manufacturer and distributor of superior quality veterinary products. The company has gained global recognition for its dedication to maintaining evolved standards in manufacturing practices. 

For further information and enquiries about, Bullvet visit www.bullvet.com for more information on products, prices, availability and agent recruitments.   



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Post time: Feb-28-2017