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Innovation is the first driving force for development,Innovation drive is forced by the situation

Along with China’s veterinary drug production and management market is moving from the decentralized to the concentrated development, the pace of animal health companies to concentrated development is also accelerating. In order to better meet the challenges, veterinary drug companies must increase investment in research and development and continuously strengthen technological innovation.


For example, for large enterprises that already have R&D hardware conditions, human resource conditions, and R&D special fund budgets, they must rationalize R&D internal management mechanisms and external collaboration mechanisms, and formulate standardized and operational R&D management methods and propose systematic planning in the near-term, medium- and long-term technologies. At the same time, the R&D center must achieve fully docking with the market;

Bullvet has in-depth cooperation with higher education institutions and other professional organizations. In recent years, company has spent millions on research and development projects. Bullvet has always believed that innovation is the first driving force for development.

Regarding the future market competition about veterinary drug, those who do not pay attention to technological innovation or incapable of technological innovation will gradually be eliminated by the market.